Monday, May 30, 2011

Facial hair for sexy musicians

O my, last Tuesday I attended a "secret show" at The Garrison in Toronto performed by musician Matt Nathanson. 

(How did I get invited to a secret show, you ask?  Hee hee hee, obviously you have not been reading this blog for long, my new friend.  I am a unicorn!  We are invited to all of the best parties.)

I was very excited to attend because not only do I love his music and hilarious banter, I also find Mister Nathanson to be extremely sexy!!  However, I had no idea just how sexy he could get.  Recently, he has grown facial hair.  You can see the improvement in the following photographs:

I am sure this will be a new trend amongst singer-songwriter types.  Their music is so tender and their feelings so raw that they can often be seen as not quite manly enough.  This is why I propose that all musicians grow facial hair, a la Mister Nathanson!!!

Of course, as your friendly neighbourhood unicorn music critic, I am here to help.  I have begun the process by suggesting new looks for some of my favourite sexy musicians, to make them even sexier.  What do they need...a full beard?  A soul patch?  Some sideburns or chest hair???  Check out the photos below to find out!!!!

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust was a little too about a beard??

Folksinger Basia Bulat loves her new goatee!!

Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! looks dashing in a curly moustache!

Sarah with a soul patch, sideburns, and extra-manly chest hair!!!

To the musicians reading this, please feel free to grow your own facial hair using my examples. It is not plagiarism, I am simply your muse!!!

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